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“The opportunity to do an international internship in Argentina changed the course of my life.  Unlike studying abroad, where you are able to observe and partake in a new culture – my internship at a local environmental communications agency in the capital, allowed me to actually become part of the culture and contribute to the progress and the future of Argentina.”      - Pete, age 23

International internships offer you the chance to conduct business in new languages, understand global trends in your industry, and show a desire to work with a diverse team.  Gaining professional and international work experience has never been more important to add to your resume.

In today's competitive job landscape, you have to differentiate yourself from the rest. Investing in an international internship shows bravery, adventure, and productivity.  It will not only add to your portfolio – but will take your career path in a global direction.  You never know what could happen, but why would you stick around and make coffee when you can go and explore your world? 

Literally, tell us what on earth you want to do - and if you have absolutely no idea, that’s a good start to!

Get in touch and let’s see what we can up to with Smaller Earth international internships.


An internship abroad is your opportunity to kick start a global career. As an international intern, you are exposed to the up and coming economies in China, South America, or India.  Learning about these cultures, languages, and your chosen industry in these valued parts of the world, highlights your global citizenship and value to future employers.  Whether you are looking to change careers or start your career abroad, talk to us about your career goals and interests - there is something out there for everybody!

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Community Development

Make a real difference as a volunteer in some of the world's most remote communities. This could be an internship that gives you professional experience in your chosen field and helps to build your CV for wider employment opportunities

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Marine Conservation

Join groups of volunteers working on marine conservation projects abroad and help preserve our world's natural resources for future generations. All program fees include food, accomodation, and fun.

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